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About SMSF Auditors

SMSF Auditors Australia is a boutique accounting practice specialising in Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) Audits and accounting compliance solutions.

SMSF audits are all we do...

Our services offer accountants a convenient way to:

  • Seek independent SMSF audits for their clients
  • Quickly and efficiently request and process a large number of SMSF clients; and
  • Maintain proper compliance standards under the ATO guidelines

By specialising we offer a service that is well researched and subject to Quality Assurance controls by our Professional Accounting body.

The service, targeting Accountants in Public Practice, is conducted in an accurate timely manner, is cost competitive and based on integrity and is completely independent of any other practice or financial advisor.

Superannuation is the nest egg for most people and when you choose to manage and run your own fund, you also choose to be regulated by the ATO. It also provide for your financial security in your old age.

Monitoring is required not only in the form of your investment strategies, but also in the way you manage your fund in terms of the SIS Act and SIS Regulations that are modified from time to time.

Keeping up to date with all the change to the Act and Regulations in modern times, has been quite a challenge to accountants and financial advisors. We can offer careful monitoring of your fund as required so that you stay under the radar of the regulator of SMSF's, the ATO and you maximize the performance of your fund and reap the benefits of what superannuation has to offer for that part of your life cycle; old age.

Your fund may be in existence for many years before you tap into it for retirement income streams in your old age. Once the annual audit is complete you receive a statement of compliance in accordance with the ATO guidance and SIS Act and SIS Regulations that means you are compliant with the Act in the way you manage and operate the fund. This is important in terms of the amount of tax you pay and how you access your benefits in retirement.