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SMSF Auditors provides a team of specialist accounting professionals capable at delivering audit services quickly, efficiently and professionally. The team is led by its principal David Hayes.

Principal: David Hayes FIPA

David Hayes has been auditing Self Managed Superannuation Funds since 1999 and has experience helping clients with financial & compliance issues and liaising with the ATO. He has a broad range of experience in dealing with large and small funds as well as accounting firms in the provision of audit services for trustees of self managed superannuation funds. In addition he has extensive knowledge in system software solutions for investors. This has been achieved by way of promoting the Reckon (Quicken) range of Investment and trading software solutions for Investors, especially those managing their SMSF.

Reckon software can assist in your record keeping needs and enable share trading so as to assist accountants in the preparation of accounts and financial statements and auditors in performing their financial and compliance audits. The Principal, David Hayes is a Professional Partner with Reckon Australia Ltd accounting and business investing software. He has been installing, setting up SMSF accounting systems, training and troubleshooting for SMSF Trustees since 1999.

This is where SMSF Auditors Australia can assist enormously accounting professionals in practice and their clients.